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"We project that the ESCO industry in aggregate will have annual revenues of $7.13 billion in 2011; this represents an average annual growth rate of 26% per year for the 2009-2011 period. ESCOs are quite optimistic about their business prospects over the next 2-3 years, even though the economy is just beginning to recover from a severe recession."

- Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory & National Association of Energy Services Companies, June 2010


What type of entrepreneur benefits most from the investment and consulting services of Pioneer Energy Capital?

Entrepreneurs who have an innovative cleantech product or service and who wish to significantly increase the size and scope of their operations will benefit most.

What is the typical size of an investment?

The size of the investments made vary, mostly dependent on how attractive your company is. PEC can often invest $500k or more on its own. For attractive opportunities with needs of greater than $500k, PEC, partnered with its affiliates, can secure up to $5M.

In addition to investment, what services does Pioneer Energy Capital provide to help grow my business?

In addition to investment, PEC provides advanced strategic planning, access to talent for your growing organization, and an established sales and delivery channel. Experience has shown that an innovative cleantech product or service combined with PEC’s program can lead to dramatic growth.

What type of early stage Cleantech companies does Pioneer Energy Capital look to invest in?

PEC looks to invest in and partner with entrepreneurs who have a product or service that improves operational performance, productivity, or efficiency while reducing costs, inputs, energy consumption, waste, or pollution. If your product or service can achieve these goals, our investment, insight and channel access can take it to the next level.

Do you work with start-ups or established companies?

PEC has worked with companies of varying levels of maturity. Primarily we are interested in companies with a product or service that provides attractive returns to commercial/institutional clients and which are also in need of investment and sales channel expansion.

Does Pioneer Energy Capital invest outside of Wisconsin?

PEC directly invests in attractive cleantech opportunities throughout the United States. Sales and delivery channels are extensive throughout the US and PEC looks for entrepreneurs who have products and services that can be leveraged nationally.

I am a highly motivated leader with a strong track record in cleantech, but I am not currently running my own company. Does Pioneer Energy Capital have entrepreneurial opportunities for high potential self-starters?

Many of the companies PEC works with have the need for additional talent. In some cases these opportunities come with the potential to gain ownership through achieving positive results.